Work Package 1. Functional specifications

D1.1 Report on pedagogical requirements regarding learning formats

D1.2 Report on recommendations regarding integration of existing valuation tools

D1.3 Study on skills correspondence for pilot development

D1.4 Recommendation of dashboard uses

D1.5 Consolidated Report

Work Package 2. Specifications regarding technical requirements

D2.1 Detailed technical specification of the system

Work Package 3. Development, tests and technical validation

D3.1: Developed modules

D3.2: Complete version of the tool

MyLK sources

Work Package 4. Demonstration and analysis of the results

D4.1: Training materials

D4.2: Reports of evaluation

D4.3: Satisfaction questionnaire for end-users

D4.4: Last updates of the beta version

Work Package 5. Study on acceptance and institutionalisation of the standard

D5.1: Minutes of the teleconferences with the external advisor

D5.2: Replication plan

D5.3: Exploitation plan

D5.4 : White paper with its annexes

Work Package 6. Communication and dissemination

D6.1: Website

D6.2: Dissemination Plan

D6.3: Dissemination materials

Work Package 7. Administrative and Financial Management

D7.1: Quality Plan and management tools

D7.2: Meeting reports

D7.3: Intermediary report

D7.4: Final report