Skills are a pathway to employability and prosperity. People need a broad set of skills to fulfil their potential both at work and in society. Many young people leave education and training without being sufficiently prepared to enter the labour market and without the skills or mindset to start their own business. Only half of the EU… Read More

The world today is different in many ways from how it was 40 years ago. From considering these differences, this article suggests that the most hopeful way forward to support learning in an increasingly complex world is not institutional, nor purely individual, but involves people collaborating peer-to-peer, generating and managing knowledge commons. The MyLK project has made… Read More

Introduction The evolution of the school in today’s digital society involves formal education and different types of learning accompanied by pedagogical methods. In addition, the new information and communication technologies in this society give rise to another form of so-called non-formal and informal education integrating learning throughout life (Brougière and Bézille, 2007). Marchand’s work highlights… Read More

When you think of a lifelong learning – at our age – we visualise zylions of skills, competences and knowledge accumulated in a person.But then we may want to know – as people tend to get well organised over time –  how to manage knowledge? How to present it to the wider audience? How to… Read More

Introduction The certificates and diplomas are usually issued by schools, universities, and in some cases by training centers or companies. They are used in the resumes (CV) of holders to enhance their job application and the integrity of their career with recruiters or educational institutions. To give credibility to CVs, some companies, like CVTRUST and… Read More

In April 2017, the University of Berkeley announced the death of one of his preeminent scholars, the philosopher Hubert L. Dreyfus. In the academic community, Prof. Dreyfus was known for his visceral criticism on artificial intelligence. In the seventies he published a book entitled “What computers can’t do “in which he argued that disembodied machines… Read More

MyLK Team is ready for another challenge – to verify and present the Dashboard to the inquisitive practitioners and researchers at EADTU Annual Conference in Milton Keynes. The conference gathers numerous participants from all over Europe who are always eager to discuss the novelties and ask very unconformable questions that always lead to great solutions… Read More

Introduction The Research on the pedagogical use of digital learning media is increasingly interested in the complex phenomenon of open badges as a concept for lifelong learning. They echo investment as a mechanism of the independent appraisal system, offering credentials in a variety of individuals’ life experiences and their context of learning and skills (MacArthur,… Read More

Learning episodes collected by our dashboard will be made of “Open Educational Resources”. In this article, I explore the rise of Open Educational Resources in the context of training and education. For more than ten years, the international movement of Open Education has flourished around the world. According to this movement, educational resources must be used freely… Read More