On Monday the 6th of August, MyLK  organised a final event at the Axis Parc in Louvain-La-Neuve. It was the occasion to remind the rational behind  MyLk Dashboard, give to the public the opportunity to make use of it during a demo session  and  present the very first results  from the testing phase.    Find hereafter the programme of the day… Read More

In April 2017, the University of Berkeley announced the death of one of his preeminent scholars, the philosopher Hubert L. Dreyfus. In the academic community, Prof. Dreyfus was known for his visceral criticism on artificial intelligence. In the seventies he published a book entitled “What computers can’t do “in which he argued that disembodied machines… Read More

Learning episodes collected by our dashboard will be made of “Open Educational Resources”. In this article, I explore the rise of Open Educational Resources in the context of training and education. For more than ten years, the international movement of Open Education has flourished around the world. According to this movement, educational resources must be used freely… Read More

Educational technologies have always been associated with a set of buzzwords like “revolution”, “ the next big thing” or “the most important invention of our age”. Meanwhile, all of us know that some promising technologies have failed while others have unexpectedly succeeded. In an economic world where it is crucial to gain competitive advantages, the… Read More