After extensive work of MYLK development team, the beta version of MyLK dashboard is now ready for testing. During our last meeting (23 April) in Le Forem premises in Leuven la Neuve we defined the following goals of the testing phase:

  • to test the MyLK approach to recording and presenting online learning reflected on the MyLK Dashboard;
  • to verify if the tool is useful for the purpose and usable as a service.

Target group

Discussion about the main target group led us to the conclusion that we need a representation of different users in oder to catch various perspectives.  MyLK platform has been planned and developed as a tool for the automatic tracking of (digital) learning of the individuals: learners, students, employees, professionals, employers, recruiters whether the context of that learning is formal, non-formal, or informal. From these initial target groups students, employees and unemployed users were chosen for testing MyLK dashboard. As MyLK tracks and records online activities taken up by the user, facilitates recognition of skills and suggests further learning resources depending on declared level, it could provide meaningful support to the groups described in  learning path(s) and skills acquired to the employers and other audiences.

The size of the testing group was defined for 30+ overall. All the users folow the same scenario performing the predefined tasks with the supervision of the MyLK researchers.

Testing procedure

The recommended structure for the testing is 1 user + 1 researcher asking questions and assisting + 1 researcher observing and taking notes. Testing procedure consists of the folling steps:

  1. Introduction from the supervisor to the tester – explanation what is MyLK Dashboard, what is the idea behind and what is the aim of the testing.
  2. MyLK webpage. The supervisor asks the tester to access the webpage and  finds out what he/she has understood from the MyLK idea of the dashboard.
  3. Ongoing observation of a testing user during which a group of testers is given the opportunity to test MyLK dashboard under the supervision and assisted by another person observing the behaviour and comments. The notes from the observation are taken according to the observation grid as a guiding document for the supervisor and assistant.
  4. Post-test qiestionnaire. During these tasks, testers are submitted to a semi-directed interview in a face-to-face format. The purpose of this interview is to learn about overall impression on the MyLK dashboard.

Types of tasks

Testing procedure does not differentiate testing tasks on the type of the user. Representatives of all the three groups will be asked to perform the same actions. However, the context of each target group, the perspective, the experience and actual needs are different, thus their feedback and behaviour in the MyLK dashboard could result in interesting findings on the usability. All these 3 groups were mirrored in MyLK dashboard. User testing the tool can declare the actual situation / status in the user profile. Such declaration does not affect MyLK dashboard functionality.

Testers are asked to completed the following tasks or actions

  • Create an account (Registration)
  • Fill in your profile
  • Link skills to occupation (in the profile)
  • Activate/deactivate MyLK plugin
  • Observe the DLR’s tracking
  • Manage your DLRs (add skills, delete, comments, etc.)
  • Request for DLR suggestions (for skills associated or not with professions)
  • Collect your DLR
  • Allow sharing of DLR collections
  • Get in touch with other users who have shared their collections
  • Complete your CVs
  • Share your CVs with third parties


A summary on the testing based on the findings from the questionnaire and observations reports from the researchers will be preapred in a form of initial finding presented during the closing meeting in August and in a form of a final report after testing workpackage.