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When you think of a lifelong learning – at our age – we visualise zylions of skills, competences and knowledge accumulated in a person.But then we may want to know – as people tend to get well organised over time –  how to manage knowledge? How to present it to the wider audience? How to store for later use, treasure and recall?

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For many of us use or at least want to use e-portfolio but when its benefits are outnumbered by the drawbacks – such as time-consumption, need for the support or difficulties in reflective processing – there is a need for a clever solution.

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And this is where MyLK can come in handy providing a useful plug-in for the lifelong learning students. As the installation and initiation process is very user-friendly the student can launch into his/her learning session that will be tagged and stored in the MyLK dashboard. Besides the embedded advisory system will make the learning episodes meaningful and targeted into students’ learning objectives.  The student has full control over the activation of the session and therefore can select time and resources that are included in MyLK for the learning purposes.