MyLK Team is ready for another challenge – to verify and present the Dashboard to the inquisitive practitioners and researchers at EADTU Annual Conference in Milton Keynes. The conference gathers numerous participants from all over Europe who are always eager to discuss the novelties and ask very unconformable questions that always lead to great solutions and supportive feedback. And this is what we expect also this year.

What are we going to talk about? Nowadays learners are constantly engaged in online learning that has become increasingly informal. Students and adult learners take part in online courses, watch videos or participate in online communities to develop their skills often outside formal educational settings. Should they feel lost or need support for their choices MyLK Dashboard is designed to help learners recognise what they have learned. MyLK – or My Lifelong Knowledge Managament will make it easier to gather evidence from their learning episodes and assessments and to present it in ways that are meaningful to employers.

The idea behind MyLK learning dashboard derives from e-portfolios. However, the great e-portfolio vision can be hard work, and relatively few learners have the motivation and self-discipline to pursue this work without extrinsic motivation. This is where MyLK is set to assist by reducing the effort needed by the online learners. The tool will support gathering online evidence invoking the image of learners driving into their careers, with useful information presented to them on where they have been (learnt), and what to head for (learning or work).

The presentation will discuss the rationale behind MyLK idea in respect to informal and non-formal learning and their relation to the formal education. It will explore the benefits of the dashboard for the lifelong learning as well as its functionalities supporting reflection, planning and development.