Recent research showed us that 50 – 60 years old people have had on average four different employers during their working life. On the contrary, students entering the labour market now and in closer future, will have eleven different employers! On average!!

What are the consequences of this huge increase of different number of employers? It means that employees should much more focus on their own development, building up a good CV in order to be attractive to new employers, but also to be more proactive to be able to deal with this uncertainty.

Let’s suppose you have a contract for two years. You work hard, learn a lot in this job, but at the end of the second year the contract is not renewed. A new applicant is hired to take over your job. Just because for an employer it is cheaper this way.

The former employee, now unemployed person has to find another job very quickly. Luckily, he already knew two months before his departure that he won´t receive a new contract so he could start looking around earlier.

Looking around and competing with other applicants might get very difficult. It’s always a kind of lottery: you may be very good, but there could be another one who will be excellent and will get the job you are applying for! Many applicants get demotivated by this. Our applicant should learn from this experience and have a better application next time. But how to make a profile and a CV more attractive to employers? It has to have more added value!

In the MYLK-project the project partners are investigating how to organise the process of helping people to formalise the added value of informal experiences and education gained in a working experience next to the formal gained competences. Also activities or projects done in a working environment should be added in the CV as these will make it more attractive for the new employer.

When finding a way in a career, it is important to be aware where you are at this moment and what you need to do in order to make a next step, or even to be able to see where you want to be in a few years from now!

In the MYLK project we are developing a digital application which helps people to recognise the competences which they have at this moment but also which competences should be developed to make a next step or to start a career path to a future higher position.

Through our webpage tool formal and informal gained experiences could be added and compared with other people or with the occupation or level you want to reach. Doing so, you are able to work on the smaller or larger gap that has to be closed.