General benefits

  • increased awareness and reflection about own learning,
  • easier identification of the learning objectives
  • awareness about digital learning episodes and of the learning objectives (LOC) they have developed during these episodes,
  • Increased ability to structure the LOC they develop in a digital way,
  • easier access to validation and recognition of skills and competences
  • management of own learning

Benefits for the learner

  • possibility to record achievement from formal education that would serve as the evidence of competences,
  • guidance in his/her researches for content relevant to learning
  • assistance in gaining more self-confidence due to a better understanding and visibility of his/her skills and competences and to the promotion of learning outcomes obtained  in informal and non-formal educational setting
  • guidance to learn how highlighting one’s competences and skills
  • opportunity to validate skills and competences achieved informally and non-formally in the learning institutions,
  • recognition of the content developed by the learner and link to the suggested learning objectives,
  • increased visibility of the content created by the learner
  • a recognition for the learning objectives acquired and used in the learner’s resume/portfolio through the content label
  • MYLK label that would mark attributes of digital informal learning contents creation
  • MYLK label for the attributes of the content produced
  • access to relevant job adverts
  • access to institutions providing validation of skills and competences
  • peer-evaluation and rating of content created by the learner
  • access to the content / learning episodes recommended by other users of the Dashboard

Benefits for the educational institutions

  • development of assessment / validation / recognition / certification.
  • sell validation / recognition / assessment and certification services also to people who have not taken their courses
  • better visibility online

Benefits for the employer/ company

  • support for  the matching between a job-seeker and an specific position
  • provision of the digital proofs for accreditation [MyLK label]
  • access to data from various services, such as LMSs
  • communication with learners/ users and institutions
  • intermediary between institutions and learners
  • templates for career advisors and HR based on LOCs
  • improved profiling and business positioning of the candidate