As we saw before, the MyLK project started as a way for the learners to simply aggregate and display digital learning in order to create digital resumes presenting them.

Of course one of our main issue is to decide what we could do with this new resumes and what the learners might want.
Do we want to stick to a digital resume which would display digital trainings, or will the learners be able to create PDF versions of their resumes? Do the learners expect to find multiple free text spaces in order to create a global resume including their lifetime jobs and on-site trainings?

One of our platform’s feature would be to help learners organise the display of their trainings to create different resumes that would suit different purposes. What about directly getting recruiters and learners in touch? Our platform could become a powerful job hunt tool based on the possibility to assess otherwise hard to get data, furthermore guaranteeing its exactitude. We could even create a search engine based on skills and levels needed by the recruiters or provided by the learners.

Last point, would we be able to provide learners with the help they need? Knowing partly what their skills are, wouldn’t we be able to show them the skills they need to develop to access specific jobs? More than that, could it be of use to help understand which skills are needed or easy to market? What about the trainings possibly leading to those skills?

Today, we are still investigating all of these questions, trying to think ahead the ethical, practical and technical consequences those choices will bring…

See you next time!

(The technical issues, also very important, will be discussed in further notes)